Smoothie blender

It is often misinterpreted that the blender and the smoothie maker are the same. This is not true and they have their own differences and an insight into this piece would identify what makes the smoothie blender different from the regular blender. The smoothie maker generally has greater functions than the regular blender.

Obvious Differences:

  • In terms of cost, the smoothie maker is usually much more expensive than the regular blender. This is because it has more features and properties. One of which is the freezing capacity which is not found in the regular blender.
  • The most important feature we all can reckon with is in terms of its crushing capabilities. The smoothie blender is specially designed to crush ice whereas the regular blender can’t. the blender is designed with a crushing capability but the smoothie blender is designed to not just crush but also liquefy fruits. They give a fine smooth consistency that a blender cannot achieve.
  • Another important difference is that the smoothie maker usually comes with a dispensing ability known as the spigot. That is the spigot which is in for of a tap is attached from which you can dispense your smoothie out of the blender but the regular blender does not have this option. This saves you the stress of making a mess in the course of turning the content out.
  • It comes with a stirring stick unlike, the regular blender. The regular blender can only make little quantity which would not be properly blended but the smoothie maker is designed to make as much as five cups all at once.
  • The regular blender often requires you to add water in order to arrive at an almost smooth consistency but the smoothie maker would crush and blend without adding water.
  • The regular blender is usually of 700 watts in terms of power but the smoothie maker is always 900 watts or more. This high voltage capability is the reason for its high crushing powers.

In conclusion, the smoothie maker is far more advantageous than the blender with higher crushing powers, more features, and your best bet when you need to make the perfect smoothie. The end result of using the two would always be different irrespective of how much you tweak the regular blender to suit this purpose. With this comparison, you would be able to make a choice and understand why the smoothie blender is more advantageous over the regular blender.

Home security is essential. In fact, it is a necessity. There is no better way to achieve security than through the use of a security camera. A security camera will help you monitor your home with ease without you having to be around all the time.

Due to the opportunity that has arisen as more and more people are considering buying security cameras, a lot of companies that claim to offer the best solutions have also come into being.

But among all these companies, only two stand out. These two are Arlo and Blink.

This article is aiming at comparing the cameras produced by these two companies and hence making it easy for you to make an informed decision.


There is no doubt that both Blink and Arlo make top-notch cameras. This has already been verified by thousands of satisfied customers who already own them. They offer both reliability and flexibility.

1) Blink

This security camera is wireless. It is also very easy to install and hence you can do it yourself without having to pay a technician. For added security, it has an alarm which you can choose to use or not use. This alarm has the ability to produce a 105db siren.

When you buy a security camera, the first thing you consider is if it is easy to install it. Setting up Blink camera is easy. All you need to do is purchase the cameras and the module, download Blink app and sign up with your email address. After you have done this, you can then install the cameras, sync them through the module and then add them to your app. Then, you are good to go.


1. It has a very long battery life.
2. It is wireless.
3. It has a siren feature.
4. It has a very affordable price.
5. It captures great images during the day and the night.
6. It offers high-resolution videos


1. It won’t work when your internet is not available.
2. You are able to only see a single camera at a time during the live feed.


This security camera is also wireless. You can stick this to a surface through the use of its dedicated magnet base. Arlo has a wide view of about 130 degrees.

Installing Arlo is also very simple. The process is similar to installing blink only with some slight differences.

The first thing you have to set up is the base station. This is what acts as the brain of your whole security system. Once you install your base, you can now place your Arlo cameras where you need them.

The next step is downloading and installing Arlo’s iPhone or Android app which you can use in monitoring your cameras.


1. It has a wide view of 130 degrees.
2. It is easy to set up.
3. It is wireless.
4. It has night vision.
5. Motion alert.
6. It is weatherproof


1. It is a bit expensive as compared to blink
2. It lacks a siren.


1. Both are wire free.
2. Both have a set up that is quick and easy.
3. Both are small and compact.
4.They are easy to use.
5. Both offer high-quality videos.


1. Arlo is more expensive as compared to Blink.
2. Arlo lacks audio as compared to Blink which has a siren
3. Blink has the longest battery life.
4. Arlo has a wider view as compared to Blink.

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a house owner, noise can be an irritant to your daily life. You might have to deal with irritated guests, angry relatives or crying babies. You will have to deal with the noise of neighbors or cars passing through your street. It can be pretty tiring to focus on your work or live in your home with noise pollution. Sadly, there is nothing that you can do to stop it as any activity around you is bound to generate noise.

It is very easy for sound to travel through any medium such as gaps in the walls or concrete boundary walls. The only solution lies in soundproofing your place. It is very easy to find soundproofing experts, like, on the market. Soundproofing is also useful because of following reasons:

  1. It helps in avoiding fights with your neighbors. You may be having guests at your home and they may be complaining or they may be having a party and you might want to call the police Soundproofing can ensure better relations between neighbors.
  2. Sometimes, local regulations might require making your place soundproof. This is mostly applicable for cafes, restaurants, pubs and other commercial activities. Violating these provisions can invite regular inspections and legal notices.
  3. It helps to maintain your privacy. If you are a new couple or a family with small kids, you surely would want more privacy. This can be very useful if you live in an apartment or in a close locality.
  4. If you running a multiplex, karaoke house or any other establishment where music is important, then soundproofing can help in preventing echo and keep your place nice and comfortable. It also helps to avoid flanking transmission from nearby commercial establishments.
  5. Not only your neighbors would be able to sleep peacefully but your other family members can enjoy themselves too. Soundproofing allows your kids to watch home theater system at night while you work late hours.
  6. Too much of noise is bad for health. You can get irritated by constant noises. There have been reports of stress and depression too. Sound proofing is the best way to relax in your home and staying healthy.
  7. You can easily make repairs in your home as sound proofing will restrict the noise to a part of your home.
  8. If you are a student, then sound proofing is an essential requirement. You surely don’t to spend all your time fighting with your fellow students while your examinations are going on.
  9. If you are a building manager, you would not have to worry about spending your time on resolving noise complaints.