QDLED is a special display device that makes use of quantum dots semiconductor nanocrystals that is capable of producing pure monochromatic red, green and blue light.  QD layers are made up of photo-emissive quantum dot particles and this uses  the blue light derived from a backlight for emission of pure basic colors that improve the color gamut and brightness of display, which can be done via the reduction of color crosstalk and light losses in RGB LCD color filters, but has successfully replaced  the traditional form of colored photoresists found in the RGB LCD color filters,  the technology is getting more popular by the day and it is  being used in Led-backlight LCDs.  Be that as it may, it can be applied to several other display technologies  that makes use of color filters, examples of which hare MicroLED and blue/UV OLED.  You can visit this useful source to learn more about this technology.

The major area of application of QD is the LED-backlit LCD. In which they are used for offering displays that re alternative to OLED displays. Bear in mind that electroluminescent or electro-emissive QD displays are more or less experimental form of displays and they have their basis on QD light emitting diodes or QDLED.  There are similarities between the displays and the MicroLED displays and Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED).    You can check this useful source for additional information about this technology. In this situation, the production of light is done directly in each of the pixels via they application of electric current to the inorganic nano-particles. QDLED display is able to support flexible and large displays. They will also not be readily degraded as OLEDs and this makes them very good materials for making the various items highlighted below:

  • Handheld game consoles
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Flat panel TV screen

Virtually all the commercial products that are branded as QLED and those that use QD were already featuring photo-emissive particles.  The only place where you can find QDLED TVs is a laboratory. Be that as it may, Samsung is already researching on producing electro-emissive QDLED displays and there are assurances that this new technology will feature in future Samsung products. However, some other technology brands still believe that the possibility of such a technology becoming mainstream is very slim.  You can get the same level of contrast from MicroLED and OLED as is available in Emissive QD with perfect black levels when it is in the off state.