Choose the safe rock salt to deice the concrete driveway

Choose the safe rock salt to deice the concrete driveway

If you want to melt ice on a concrete driveway, you might consider rock salt. Salt should be used as a deicer on concrete sidewalks and driveways, but opinions differ. While everyone agrees that concrete can be damaged, some people feel that the damage caused by a slip and fall is more severe. Here’s what you can use instead of salt since salt is a dangerous substance.

Sodium chloride rock salt

Even though concrete is a very strong and dense material, it is constantly expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. Even in the winter, the concrete can change with daytime temperatures. The sodium chloride in rock salt starts evaporating water and breaks down the ice as soon as it touches it. Know How To Deal With Bags Of Frozen Rock Salt to make effective use of it.  When concrete undergoes this reaction, it expands a bit, allowing the newly melted mixture to penetrate the pores. Saltwater in the pores will freeze when it becomes cold enough to freeze, pushing against the integrity of the concrete that is trying to condense. Concrete’s expansion will cause salt, which attracts water, to pull even more water into its pores as a result. As the cycle continues, more ice and water are deposited on the concrete, further stressing the structure. Immediately after the concrete is poured, it is easily cracked and popped. Sodium chloride rock salt also kills any grass or plants that come into contact with it.


An icy driveway can be made traction-friendly by using different types of items. However, none of these items are deicers. By simply making it possible to walk on it without slipping, they do more than melt ice. No damage will be done to your concrete by these suggestions. The two most popular choices are sand and cat litter. In most cases, sand would be the best option since it can be hosed away without harming the environment. You should always use the ash from a wood-burning fireplace. You may melt the ice if you use them while they are still warm, but they are usually useful for traction where it is needed. Depending on the season, one of the cheapest ways would be to shovel off as much snow as possible from the ice and let the sun melt it.

Safe rock salt

Unlike sodium chloride, rock salt like potassium chloride or calcium chloride are safe deicers for concrete. Potassium chloride is contained in fertilizer which is not harmful to plants. As it is commonly used in water softeners, people and animals are also safe from it. You can purchase water softener pellets at your local hardware store to use potassium chloride for deicing. The chloride sold specifically for deicing is potassium chloride. You will keep your concrete driveway intact if you read the labels and make sure you don’t get sodium chloride.

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