What is Bitcoin, how much does it cost and how to get free bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin, how much does it cost and how to get free bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, meaning that it is a digital currency or online currency. These currencies are not governed by any central system such as a government or a bank. Rather it depends on the cryptography and software of the coders and its developers.

Since any central agency does not overlook this currency, the transactions are recorded on an online ledger. These coins are saved in a digital wallet similar to a physical wallet and can be accessed only by the individual using their software or other trusted online tools.

Price of bitcoin, and how to buy it? 

Bitcoin is one of the most costly and high-valued cryptocurrencies available in the market. The approximate of one single coin is 30,00,000 rupees or 36,000 dollars. This is a very significant amount of money, and it might be difficult for an average, middle-class person to afford this. Bitcoin can be divided into 1/8th of its value. These seven decimal place bitcoins are referred to as one Satoshi.

So, one has the opportunity to buy bitcoin in smaller units in the form of Satoshi. But one Satoshi still costs 4500 dollars which is also a lot of money, and people often cannot afford to invest such a high amount. Plus, there is always a chance of incurring a loss, which may be financially detrimental.

So how can I afford bitcoin?

Certain trusted websites offer free bitcoin. Now, you might think that this is false, but in fact, it is not. These websites allow you to play multiple games, and if you win, they offer you free bitcoin worth up to 200 dollars in a single sitting. These websites require you to sign up by providing some basic information, and in return, they allow you to win huge sums of money. Some features of such websites include:

  • These websites let you test your luck every hour. You can play games every hour, win and earn money.
  • The games are made using similar cryptographical coding; hence there is no fraud.
  • Most of these websites are trusted and safe to use.


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