What You Need To Know About Episode: Choose Your Story Game– Read This!

What You Need To Know About Episode: Choose Your Story Game– Read This!

Looking for a storytelling game where the story flow will all depend on you? Then, Episode: Choose Your Story could be the best one for you. The game allows you to follow your favorite stories and even change it based on your own choices at any given situation. The game has billions of episodes and is one of the best storytelling platforms today. Its animations and graphics are remarkably great and favorable to the users. All stories’ first episodes you want to view are definitely free and unlocked, but you will need gems to view the different episodes of the same story.

free gems for episode

However, its major drawback is that you have to wait long for the gems to refill or regenerate, which is essential for you to go on with the story, because the more free gems for episode you have, the more power you have to create your storyline. The best solution for this is to use its hack tools, which are available online. These tools are simple and easy to use and proven helpful for this interactive game.

What is Episode: Choose Your Story all about?

People love storytelling, and this what makes Episode a fun game. Here, you can make your own stories or read the stories created by the other users. This game has become a great interest to the younger generation.

This interactive game allows everyone to be a story creator. This is where you can create exciting stories according to the choices you make at any situation given in the story, regardless of whether they are about love, romance, adventure, or drama. You have the power on the story flow and its ending. Therefore, there is no right or wrong way to play this game.

How is it different from other decision-based games?

The new method of implementation of the game concept and the simplicity of the game itself makes it better than other decision-based games. Here are some fun things about Episode that make it different from most others.

  • Its game creators let users send new, innovative ideas, and this is how they manage to present fresh content weekly.
  • Over 7 billion episodes have been viewed already across over a hundred thousand stories.
  • It has around 5 million active users weekly
  • It has more than registered 12 million creators
  • Its mobile creation tool allows you to become an Episode creator without coding knowledge. Aspiring story producers can use this to innovate and create stories.

Features of the game

Episode is also an excellent spot for budding writers to show their work to many audiences and receive appreciation. To give you a better and broader idea of the entire game, here are some of the game’s most amazing features are:

  • Users will be able to customize the characters and design the outfit they wear.
  • Users will be given an option to develop relationships between the characters in the story.
  • Users will have the control to change the fate of the characters by the choices users make.
  • It allows users to see different endings that will soon take place.

Why is it necessary to use the hack?

This question may arise in the users’ minds. The primary use of these hack tools is to supply you with an adequate amount of game currency (gems and passes), so you won’t have to wait for its automatic regeneration and make the purchase for any of the story or episode you want to view. These hack tools are available to be used by everyone online. They are compatible with any of the devices. These episode hack tools often have user-friendly interfaces that the developers have designed and are easy to use even by first-time users. Just visit the website and follow the steps to get the extra currency in the game.

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