What Types of Eyelash Extensions Are There?

What Types of Eyelash Extensions Are There?

Eyelash extensions are one of the options we have to lengthen our lashes or add volume for a more intense look. It involves the manual application of one or more eyelash extensions for each of the natural eyelashes until 100% of the medium and long eyelashes are completed (it is not advisable to place extensions on eyelashes that have just grown, since they are not strong enough to hold lash extensions.

Unlike false eyelashes, extensions are semi-permanent (they last for about a month). In addition, the extensions, as we have discussed, adhere to the natural eyelash individually. Within the eyelash extensions, there are several types of length, diameter, color and curvature. Today, we are going to show you the different techniques that exist within this world of eyelash extensions:

1 × 1 Extensions

The 1 × 1 extensions (also known as “classic”) receive this name because the procedure consists of applying an extension on each of your natural lashes. With this technique, the much-desired mascara effect is achieved. Therefore, it is the perfect option if you are looking for a very natural result. Likewise, there are various diameters available, depending on the desired effect.

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Volume Extensions 

The volume occurs when fans of eyelashes are placed, managing to give different dimensions. Within the volume lash extensions, there are also different options, depending on the drama and the thickness that you want to achieve. The difference lies in the number of artificial eyelashes that are placed on each natural eyelash: depending on the type of effect, from 2 to 10 ultra-fine extensions are applied. Thus, we can achieve an effect:

Find the Perfect Extensions for You

As we have seen, all types of extensions highlight the look differently. It does not matter if your eyes are big, small, round, droopy, there are hundreds of possible combinations within eyelash extensions. If you want to find the perfect extensions for your face, it is best to go to a specialist to advise you.

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