Do’s before buying a used car

Do’s before buying a used car

*Getting the car inspected properly

When buying a used car it is important to get the car checked by your mechanic because there are chances that the technician of the dealership may be biased in his opinion and will not provide his true assessment and you can also calculate the true value of your car after taking the opinion of your mechanic in consideration and should ask your mechanic for checking the following things if you are planning to buy used cars in tempe:

1.Check the existing insurance papers of the vehicle as this will help you track down the history of the vehicle whether it had met with any accidents or not and any claims related to the vehicle.

2.Ensure that the engine number and the chassis number matches with the registration paper and check all the filters and if needed get them changed if needed.

3.Check the brakes of the car in an area which is less crowded at the speed of 40-50kmph and make sure to look for any vibrations and examine the tyres as well for signs of being worn out.

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*Transfer of ownership 

It is important to transfer the registration certificate and the insurance papers in your name and check for the following things:

  1. It is important to get the second hand insurance paper transferred in your name or even better buy a new one.
  2. If buying a second hand car which was originally purchased on finance make sure that all the installments of the vehicle are cleared and you have obtained the no objection certificate with the original papers of the vehicle.
  3. Check the service book maintained by the previous owner for its history and obtain road tax receipts.
  4. Obtain the Bi-fuel certification of the car if it is CNG/LPG fitted and the pollution papers of the vehicle.

It is important to check all the exteriors and interiors of the car and change all the fluids before taking the car on ride and maintain it in the best possible condition so you can sell the used cars in tempe.

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