5W Public Relations is one of the leading PR companies in the USA, founded by Ronn Torossian (current CEO). It is the largest independently owned PR firm in the USA and has clients in various sectors. It is known for the best PR solutions for its client’s businesses.

Last week Ronn Torossian PR agency announced the expansion of their Consumer Measurement and Analytics task force which will focus on increasing the real-time reporting using key performance indicators, data, and analytics to show their clients their good ROI (Return of Investments).

Objectives of the task force:

  1. To develop new strategies to evaluate the media impact on the company.
  2. New media strategies for the company by using the information from evaluation.
  3. Building a real-time data dashboard for clients using the KPIs
  4. The development of dealing training for measuring media and social media in crisis communications
  5. Evaluation of influencer initiatives
  6. How to include new technologies like AI, machine learning, etc., to measure the media impact.

The task force comprises employees from various sectors of consumer practices like health and wellness, beauty, etc., and collaborates with the client’s team.

Ronn Torossian PR


The task force will help evaluate the current media strategies and develop new strategies for their clients according to their needs and expectations. Try to understand how to involve the latest technologies usage in PR strategies. This specialized team will partner with clients to most effectively and productively regulate the agency’s work through strategic planning and results. It will allow their client to stand out in their industry. And increase the brand value by analyzing the data and enhancing the consumer relationships. This will increase the growth of the 5WPR agency and its client’s trust.

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