A brand-new non-profit organisation for the visual arts called Canal Projects is committed to assisting forward-thinking national and international artists at critical junctures in their careers. This modern art space, which spans two levels and includes a library for special projects, will encourage ongoing partnerships with artists who will focus on newly commissioned and site-specific pieces of art. Canal Projects will also offer performances, readings, screenings, and a library that will be programmed by a changing roster of artists and collectives in addition to exhibitions. By creating, exhibiting, researching, and interpreting this work, we hope to encourage artistic practises that are challenging and reflective of the present. The YS Kim Foundation, an organisation that offers general support grants and develops creative projects to support marginalised and developing artists and their communities, generously supports Canal Projects. The YS Kim Foundation imagines a society where connection, opportunity, and culture allow individuals and communities to develop and thrive. Its goal is to encourage, motivate, and create new opportunities for success for organisations, communities, young people, artists, and kids. It accomplishes this through launching fresh programmes and awarding organisations and students with grants and scholarships, charles kim alpine Co-Founder and Managing Member.

More information regarding Charles Kim, a co-founder of the Alpine Group:

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Mr. Kim and his wife have contributed money to a scholarship at Binghamton University in support of an incoming freshman from the US Virgin Islands. As a memorial to his late father, he gave the institution a donation for the construction of the YS Kim Korean Student Center. Mr. Kim is a member of the university’s foundation board of directors and acts as an advisor to BEAT Global, an organisation that works with children to bridge the gap between education and the arts. In addition to his work with Binghamton University, Charles Kim provides advice to BEAT Global, an organisation that works with children to connect education and the arts. He was listed on the 2020 Ferd’s List of Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Leaders published by Junior Achievement Europe.  Charles Kim, a member of the board of the university’s foundation, played a part in the Young Sam Kim Korean Student Center at Binghamton University’s opening in 2017 as an academic research hub where students can develop unique ideas and deepen relationships. Additionally, he and his wife sent money to the school to support student scholarships.