When you were a child, there was surely a store in your neighborhood. The typical store attended by a person who always received you with a smile and knew everything from your name to the life of your parents.

After a few years, things are not as before. When you enter the supermarket, no one greets you, the cashiers no longer smile and everything seems like a robotic process. It feels like it no longer has that “essence” that “something” that it used to have.

Core Principle of Smart Circle Business Model?

The growth of the company has led it to lose that kind of tradition in which personal attention, closeness, and quality of customer care were paramount.

Thanks to this growth, those owners are no longer in contact with their consumers. It is exactly there, where customer relationships begin to be lost, where attrition begins, and where only typical advertising models are used to try to reach them.

Connecting today with the consumer, from advertising, is not an easy task. Worse yet, motivate sales, amid so many messages. How nice it would be to be able to recover that beautiful time and give customers a little warmth, connection, and attention again, right?

Smart Circle

Well, that is exactly why Face to Face Marketing has been developed at Smart Circle to create that feeling of “closeness” that many companies, businesses, and establishments of the past generated while explaining or demonstrating something about a product.

And why do you want to get closer to the customer?

Because that kind of closeness produces trust, and trust translates into sales. People like to hear things from the owner, manager, or perhaps the expert salesperson. it is possible to generate a more direct, more expensive sales relationship

Putting directors, managers, and consumers in contact generates an interesting feedback tool between the parties. face to face with the client, also involving their feelings and emotions.

Many of the Face-to-Face Marketing techniques are usually creative and innovative, thus keeping the brand in mind for a longer time in the minds of consumers.