Japanese Trends To Follow If You Don’t Like Kawaii Clothes

Japanese Trends To Follow If You Don’t Like Kawaii Clothes

Japan is a country that holds onto its traditions with pride. It has a rich cultural and traditional history that is worth taking note of. If you have closely followed Japanese clothing trends, you must have stumbled upon newer clothing trends consisting of things like kawaii clothes and others. In this article, we will go back in time and have a glimpse of the traditional clothing items of Japan.

Mentioned below are the most well-known traditional Japanese fashion items:

  • Kimono – If you have heard the name of any one Japanese clothing item, it has to be kimono. It is a long dress that consists of long sleeves. Kimono was, at a time, daily wear for the Japanese people. However, it is now mainly worn on formal occasions of various kinds.
  • Yukata – Yukata is a clothing item that resembles the traditional Japanese kimono. It is a lighter version of the kimono that is mainly worn on casual occasions like summer festivals and others.

  • Hakama – It is a traditional Japanese clothing item that is worn over a kimono. They look a lot like skirts. They sometimes have an appearance similar to wide-pleated pants too. Traditionally, hakama used to be worn by men (farmers, craftsmen, etcetera).
  • Happi – An informal Japanese coat, a happi is a loose-fitting robe that is predominantly worn during festivals. The main characteristic of a happi is the matching headband that comes with the robe. Traditionally, it was worn as a uniform by house servants. They were also worn by firefighters.
  • Kanzashi – These are hair ornaments and accessories that were used with traditional or ancient Japanese hairstyles. They are mainly used by women when they wear traditional outfits like kimonos.

If you are tired of having followed modern trends like kawaii clothes, Japanese traditional items will help you get a different taste of how fashion used to be back in time.

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