How to Be Smart When Buying A Used Car?

How to Be Smart When Buying A Used Car?

If the new car is to be a used car, customers choose: Buy from private customers or dealers? In both cases, you should arm yourself so as not to be ripped off. For example, because the odometer reading has been reduced in the course of odometer manipulation. This post will tell you what to look out for when buying used cars in Yakima when viewing, test drive, and sales contract – and how you can recognize dubious dealers.

Buying A Used Car – Our Advice


Is a warranty important to you? Then this is an argument in favor of buying from a dealer. However, it does not apply to wear and tear.


Many dealers give a warranty on used cars in yakima with the purchase. It often runs for a year. The customer can then extend it. However, guarantees often have exclusions, for example, for seals. Many only include labor costs and only cover part of the cost of materials.


According to ADAC, the speedometer is turned down on every third car. So, it is suspicious if the maintenance intervals and the odometer readings vary significantly in the checkbook. Or when the speedometer only shows 50,000 kilometers, a note in the engine compartment reveals that the last oil change was 70,000 kilometers.

Beneficial To Buy Used Cars

Buying A Car from Private 

Warranty can be excluded

The most significant disadvantage of buying privately is the lack of a warranty. Private individuals can completely exclude the legally prescribed two-year warranty period, dealers not. However, this exclusion does not run automatically. Instead, the seller must expressly formulate it in the sales contract. Then it says, for example, “without any guarantee.” If he forgets it, he takes over the warranty for the entire two years. But in practice, almost all private sellers use such a clause.

Final Words

Are you buying from a private seller? Then take a good look not only at the car but also at the person. Does it make a decent, reliable impression? Does he honestly describe the car? Can he conclusively explain why he is selling? This is especially important if he has only owned the car for a short time. Private individuals are usually technical laypeople. Suppose the car has a hidden defect, for example, a sporadic rattling noise that indicates defective shock absorbers. In that case, you often do not know about it yourself.

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