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Keeping an old car road-worthy can become too expensive. Many would suggest it is best to scrap your car in Manchester when this happens. Getting rid of your car is simple but you have to keep in mind that there are several guidelines to follow.

Scrapping car for cash

There are several ways to find a scrap dealer or a scrapping company. A quick search on the internet will let you find tons of options. Scrap metal values keep on increasing. Make sure to bring your car to a licensed scrap dealer or scrapyard. An Authorized Treatment Facility has a license from the Environment Agency. Tell the DVLA if you scrap your car to avoid a fine of £1,000.


Before scrapping your car, make sure all the necessary paperwork is complete already.

V5C or vehicle logbook

scrap any car for the best price

This proves that the car belongs to you. Scrapping a car or selling it without this is illegal. Keep the yellow slip and the receipt from the ATF.

CoD or Certificate of Destruction

You should receive this DVLA certificate within a week. It is proof of recycling the car and gives you absolution from any future responsibility for the car.

Sell car parts

Smart drivers sell off the most valuable car parts first. Then they negotiate with a scrapyard for the rest. This makes more money if you know what you are doing.

Scrap valuations

Using online sites is the easiest option for scrapping cars. They offer quotes after you input the proper information. They base quotes from local scrap yards. Factors affecting the quoted price include accessibility of the car and completeness. The keys should, of course, be available. It should also be free from waste and the tires fully inflated.

Do not forget to contact your insurer to cancel the car insurance policy. There can be a refund on the unused cover, as well as tax for unused months.


Mileage: Why Check For It When Buying Used Cars Online?

Many car buyers think that the important things that they only need to look out for are problems with the interior and exterior of the vehicle. A lot of them have driven home a pre-owned car without checking for the mileage. Since there are now plenty of used cars in raleigh to choose from, it is not difficult to find your dream car for a much cheaper price. But before you close the deal, you should know why mileage is important and how you can work it out.

The Importance of Car Mileage

Mileage is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a used car online. However, a lot of buyers overlook the importance of it. This is usually overshadowed by the other features that the car offers. But remember that the mileage of the vehicle will usually affect its purchasing value. And also, the mileage can tell you how much maintenance and servicing will your car need.

The average annual mileage should be about 12,000. So if the car you are about to purchase has less than 60,000 in five years, then it is considered low. And if it over that number, then the mileage is high. Take note that there are car dealerships online that do not provide the mileage of the vehicle. So take some time to get in touch with the seller and ask regarding this information.

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Buying High Mileage Cars

If you decide to purchase a car with high mileage, then you should know that you will be saving a lot of money upfront. That is because high mileage vehicles are usually cheaper compared to the low mileage cars. Also, the depreciation is lower. This only means that upon payment for the purchase price, you are already saving money upfront. However, you should also consider the repair costs that you have to deal with when you end up buying a high mileage car. The gearbox and the suspension are two of the most expensive parts to repair.

So before you seal the deal, find out why the seller decided to put this car on sale. And before you drive it home, make sure that you have taken it out for a test drive. And if you do not know much about cars, then it is best that you bring a mechanic that you can trust to check out the vehicle.