During the month of March 2020, the pandemic situation wipe out everything and made human life upside down. This impact was spread out in all the fields where the marketing one among them. One-to-one speaking and nearing close is becoming difficult due to the spreading threat. Hence from education onwards, all the services are started to offer online. Where the marketing of the products and the brands too came online and served its purposes. But the effects on the reaching out the products were greatly reduced. Since the services are online most people do not know how to access and the reach of the product and brand to the common people was not successful.

Smart Circle

Ultimately that has been reflected in the sales side. These drawbacks were rectified by implementing the smart circle international strategy to promote and bring out the products and brands to the people directly. Actually, the Smart Circle is the strategy that is dedicated to in-person sales, door-to-door approach, and face-to-face marketing. Before the pandemic, the same has been utilized by many companies to make aware of the details of the product at the customer’sdoorsteps. But the pandemic situation limits this and reduced the awareness of the brands and products. But through the smart circle, these approaches were recalled and successfully implemented to create awareness of the clients’ products through the various promotional activities. To be successful in a continuous manner its four core values are of primary reason.

On successful implementation of those four core values in o the marketing team took up the smart circle strategy to the next level to support the client’s product promotion. Entrepreneurial Spirit, Citizenship, Team Work, and integrity are those four core values. Face to face approach is the one that gains more attraction from the people since it involves direct conversation. That is the secret of this success formula.