Some verification can be done by self

Some verification can be done by self

When you are buying the used cars you have to be very careful than when buying a new car. In new car people do not need many checks to be done before purchasing as all the parts of the car would ne brand new and it will come with warranty, it is not same in the case of used cars in tucson. Let us see about few inspections which can be done by you while buying the car.

  • Inspect the exterior: Inspect the car in the daylight so that you will be able to see the exterior of the car keenly. You can check for any dents or scratches on the car and also check if any part was replaced because one of the reasons for replacement can be a major accident.
  • Electronics condition: You can start the car and test all the commands of the electronic parts like music system, folding mirrors, indicators and many more. In music system you can check if all the buttons are working fine or try to play music in different ways like using the pen drive and check if all the options including the music system remote. If you are checking the car in day time then you can also test the air condition as it will be hot at that time.

dissimilarity between used and new car

  • Leakage test: Once you complete the test drive and park the car wait for some time to notice if there is any oil leakage. You can also check the surrounding of the batteries to know if anything broken.
  • Test drive: When you take the car for test drive, do not play the music instead open the windows and check if you are able to hear any sound out of the car. If yes then there can be a problem in the suspension.
  • Break test: Make sure that while driving you test the breaks without fail, the breaks being in good condition is very important.
  • Maintenance history check: You can ask the dealer or the owner for the maintenance book which will give you clear picture of the repairs done on the car.


Hope through this information you have gained some knowledge on how to check some basics of the car by yourself.

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